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Mr.Kyung Hwa Song,
Chairman of the Board/ President

Dear our valued shareholders,

2015 was our 4th anniversary since POSCO-Thainox Public Company Limited has become member of POSCO family, during the past 4 years under POSCO management; we’ve realized that Thailand’s stainless steel industry’s developed and demanded variety of products much more than neighbor countries. Various global companies in automotive, home appliance and electronic sectors select to hold production bases in Thailand, making them as strategic footholds in AESAN aiming to expand overseas markets.

Anyhow, the overall global stainless steel industry last year was in unstable stage, Nickel price was fluctuate and reflected in stainless steel price. Moreover, the excess supply from China Producers and competitive neighbor countries that tried to expand their market in Thai territory was a major concern for the Company. But with competence of management team and fellow employees, the Company was able to achieve sale volume for both domestic and international for more than 170,000 tons resulted from a firm marketing strategy in secure customer base while reaching to new retail customers at the same time. Together with improving products quality that certified by various standards and effective cost management, the Company was able to maintain profit for the 2nd year in a row.    

For 2016, we aim to increase sale volume at least 10,000 tons by reducing cost of raw material, increasing quantity and quality in production, less products defection or customer claim, also plan to raise domestic market share up to 50% by approaching to new customers, invest in new line products and improve potential of staff member to their best performance as well.  

We affirm to be a lead stainless steel producer in Thailand to provide high standard quality and premium products to meet customers’ need and will induce the Thai market to use proper stainless products and spread proper knowledge of products to avoid any threats to consumers’ health and safety from inferior products to all producers down to downstream users.

Lastly, since I have just taken a position as Chairman of the Board and President of the Company only last year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all shareholders, partners, customers and all employees including all related parties for a warm welcome and great support for the Company. I hope that you will keep continuously supporting us and I will try my best to put this company forward to bright future and return great profit to all parties.

Yours faithfully,



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