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Worldwide Product Brand & Market Acceptance
POSCO-Thainox is committed to producing premium stainless steel for household consumption and export, as well as to supporting the manufacturing operations of major domestic-based industrial sectors.

Automotive and Transportation Parts
Energy efficiency can be achieved through the design, using materials that are light-weight, impact-resistant, and easily surface-treated for modern looks. POSCO-Thainox’s Austenitic Grades 301 and 304, as well as Ferritic Grades 430, 439, and 441 are cost-effective alternatives for use as automotive parts - such as door handles, side steps, safety belts, and decorative trims; while Ferritic Grades 409L, 430J1L, 436L, 439, 436J1L are suitable for use as exhaust pipes, which need to be heat- and corrosion-resistant.

Electrical Home Appliances
The high strength of stainless steel allows for less thickness, but with high efficiency and long lifetime. In addition, the modern surface of stainless steel becomes an added value to electrical appliances, including kitchen equipment; computer hard disk drives; television frames; and furniture. These applications are suitable with POSCO-Thainox’s Austenitic Grades 304, 304J1, as well as Ferritic Grades 430, 441, POSRE1, 430M2, and 430J1L.

As safety and hygiene are the key concerns; stainless steel is the most appropriate material for use as food containers, due to its durability and high heat resistance without changing the taste of food. POSCO-Thainox’s stainless steel products suitable for this application include Austenitic Grades 304, 304L, 316L, as well as Ferritic Grade 430, POSRE1, and 445NF.

Food Processing & Medical Equipment
The smooth surface and chemical stability of stainless steel helps eliminate bacteria growth, thus providing safety and hygiene required by the food and beverage, as well as medical equipment industries. For these application purposes, POSCO-Thainox’s Austenitic Grades 304, 304L, 316, as well as Ferritic Grades 439, 441, 436L are perfect answers.

Heavy Industry, Energy & Environment
Stainless steel with special properties is required for heavy, chemical, and energy industries (gas, oil, nuclear, etc). It must offer safety and high heat-resistance, or provide mirror-finished surface for the production of the environment-friendly solar energy. POSCO-Thainox’s stainless steel products suitable for this application include Austenitic Grades 316, 316L, 321, and 304J1.

Architecture, Building & Construction
A large variety in terms of types, grades, thickness, surface finishes, and characteristics of stainless steel makes it ideal for architectural and construction applications, as well as for use in interior and exterior design. POSCO-Thainox’s Austenitic Grades 301, 304, 316L, as well as Ferritic Grades 441, 445NF, and 436L not only make the creativity of architects and engineers come true; but also fulfill end-users’ satisfaction.

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