At POSCO-Thainox, we realize that true sustainability is contributory to a better quality of life. Therefore, our operational philosophy and our theory of being a socially responsible corporate citizen lie in contributing to a better quality of life through the widespread promotion of stainless steel usage. In addition, POSCO-Thainox also focuses on a strong and enduring commitment to caring for all stakeholders - i.e. employees, shareholders, customers, and involved organizations - realizing their important roles as a key driving force for the company’s growth and success.

With the aim of reducing potential losses and hazard risks, as well as to ensure occupational health and safety for all involved parties; POSCO-Thainox constantly strives for “zero risk” and “zero accident” in all operational stages, while ensuring a “positive environment” within the workplace. Our operations are all in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; working environments are thus guaranteed to be of excellent standard levels. In addition, our wastewater treatment and industrial waste management fully conform to the Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (QSHE) management system, aiming to maintain optimal environmental conditions and preserve livable communities on a sustainable basis.

With strong adherence to the ‘Spirit of Volunteerism’, all levels of POSCO-Thainox employees continuously participate in community development activities - ranging from those concerning education, sports, arts and culture, local and national traditions, to religious activities.

The provision of quality service and technical support, the dissemination of knowledge on stainless steel and grade selection, as well as the contribution to Thailand’s stainless steel industry, are missions POSCO-Thainox has been advocating - either independently or in cooperation with other organizations - on a continuous basis.

In an attempt to follow the footsteps POSCO South Korea in achieving the prestigious title of “The Most Trusted Company”,
POSCO-Thainox strictly adheres to the Global POSCO Way’s 5 core values: Customers, Challenge, Execution, People, and Integrity - which serve as a solid base for corporate success, and sustainability of all involved parties.

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